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20 Coolest Bathroom Tile Trends of 2017


For all of you trying to figure out what's in for bathrooms this year we share this great article from HGTV and their assistant editor Chelsea Faulkner. She has a great point of view on mixing up sizes, like combining interesting mosaics with both small and large size tiles. People are also putting their cleaning concerns aside and going with textured natural stones to create beautiful and unique shower surrounds and accent walls. If you haven't seen this bathroom look yet take a look at this cool gallery from Houzz. Glass tile can also add that color pop and classy look you may want. Here are some cool glass looks including Floral Fusion!

Tips For Cleaning Your Natural Stone Tile


We always like to give our point of view but to give our visitors as much info as we can we like to share information from others as well. Here are 7 Tips For Cleaning Natural Stone from the Seattle Times. Who knew they covered stone this well but they've got some good tips on how to clean your tile including Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Granite, and of course Porcelain. We want you to keep your tile looking clean and healthy, especially if it's Rock Bottom Tile!

Decor Trends That Have Taken Shape In 2017, From High Point Market


When looking at what's hot in the design world a great place to look is with High Point Market. The High Point Market held in High Point, N. Carolina is the largest home decor and furniture trade show in the world. It's a huge influencer in the trends that make it onto the internet, into the stores, and into your home. Here is a great article by them discussing some of the home decor and furniture trends that have really set in and taken form in 2017. One of the top trends indicated for 2017 is Cove style furniture. Swooping backs and encapsulating seating areas have taken over the back yard and even moved on inside. A great use for cove style seating is with hanging chairs, you can see some great ideas for this from Pinterest here. A new color to be aware of is Codarus, this uses white stone tones with aquas and blues combined together with a washed finish. Feel yourself relax surrounded by this color tone and other relaxing color tones recommend by

How To Find a Quality Tile Installer For Your Project


"How do we find a qualified and trusted Tile Installer for our project??". We work with homeowners all over the country and this is a question we get a lot when a customer is looking for a local tile installer that they can trust with their project. Without great references or reviews to count on selecting an installer or contractor is a lot like selecting your natural stone tile without knowing if you're getting it from a reputable place. We recommend using an NTCA Five Star Contractor because of the comprehensive approval process required to earn that designation. The National Tile Contractors Association prides itself on the quality of its members which culminates with their 5 Star Contractors. To be a 5 Star Contractor companies and installers must actively participate in continued education of their trade as well as provide documentation from customers, vendors, peers, and competitors supporting the quality of work and service they provide to earn that title. In order to serve our customers better as well as all homeowners across the country we have partnered with the NTCA to highlight their members and 5 Star Contractors. We will be doing so by launching our new Professional Locator Directory which will be available this Fall. We will keep you posted on that new feature to our site and until then go here to find your NTCA 5 Star Contractor!

Design Ideas For Your Travertine Paver or Driveway Project


Summer might be coming to a close but that doesn't mean it's not still the perfect time to plan your Travertine Paver Patio or Driveway. For some different Travertine Paver layout designs take a look at these from Pinterest. We still see the four size Versailles Pattern or Ashlar Pattern as being the most popular Paver size for patios and pool decking areas. For Driveways the smaller sizes like 6x12 work really well in either a Running Bond or Herringbone Pattern. You can see these along with other options of 6x12 Paver layouts here. We'd love to do our best to help with all of your Travertine Landscape Paver needs so please let us know how we can help!

Look Towards The Colors of 2018


What does 2018 have in store for home interior paint colors? Make a statement, be relaxed, or go vibrant! Black is back to create a statement in 2018, use it as a neutral and don't be afraid to be bold. Trendir even goes as far as to say that Black is the IT color for 2018. Go relaxing with some soft pastels and take it even further by creating a trendy tech free space. See a variety of 2018 color recommendations from

Fall 2017: What's In & What's Out For Home Decor and Interior Design


We love Tile and Natural Stone but we also like to share other trends and Home related items. If you're curious what is Hot or Not in Home Decor for Fall 2017 here are some great tips from Country Living......15 Fall Trends in Home Decor, as well as pointers from our friends at HGTV......Falls Top Interior Design Trends!!

Ledger Stone & Veneers Trending For Bathroom Walls


One question we get a lot with bathrooms is how would Ledger Stone Panels work for shower surround walls? Of course, it looks beautiful and provides a unique shower and bathroom look but what about cleaning. One thing to remember with these is that they are not flat tiles which might make it a little harder to wipe down but the texture and variation of most Ledger Stones or Veneers does not make dirt or soap scum very apparent. One easy tip to help clean this type of stone in your shower is to use your hand held shower head to just wash it down with warm water several times a week. Great thing is it's easy to do while in the shower! Take a look at some beautiful bathrooms from Pinterest using Ledger Stone and Veneers!

Tips On Selecting Grout For Your Tile Project


Selecting the right grout tone for your flooring tile or back splash is definitely an important step. Here are some tips from the professionals at Architectural Digest to help in your decision. When working with Travertine Tile let the beauty of the stone shine and make sure the grout takes a back seat! To see a full range of grout colors view the Grout Color Selector from Custom Building Products or Mapei.

How to Properly Seal Tumbled Travertine Tile Backsplash


Great DIY tips for sealing your back splash from the Tile Pros at John Always, remember when deciding what kind of sealer to use that with Tumbled Tile the color tone will always be a little more muted from the finish. Using an enhancer sealer like DuPont StoneTech Enhancer Pro will bring that brighter or darker color out of the stone. The best way to see if you prefer the look of an enhancer sealer or regular sealer is to just wet the stone down or wipe it down with a damp rag. If you prefer that look when it is wet the go ahead and Enhance!!

Hot 2017 Landscape Trends Porcelain Pavers


Now that the end of the Summer Season is here what hot landscape trends of 2017 have we seen? One of the top trends offers an alternative outdoor paver for decking and patio hardscapes. Porcelain Pavers provide extreme durability and offer a variety of looks including stone look like Dorado Quartzite, wood look like Restyle Beige Woodgrain, and cement look like Silver Porcelain Pavers. Click Here to see what the rest of the industry is saying about this landscape paver trend that is expected to continue in 2018!

Deck Out Your Porch In Tile


If you're looking to resurface your deck or porch with tile here is a great installation resource from the professionals at The DIY Network. One of the keys is to always make sure the surface you will be laying your tile on is very solid because otherwise you will run into a lot of problems with cracking and separation. One way to ensure you get the most durable deck or porch is by using Porcelain Pavers for your project which are extremely durable and require zero maintenance.

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