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Today’s blog post is based on a brief installation Q & A with Matt Smith of Smithcraft Tile and Stone (Portland, OR)  read more

Rock Bottom Tile and Stone frequently gets questions regarding maintaining recently installed granite tops or trendy stone counter tops. We hear from many people who wish to understand how best to look after their counter tops. First question is always, how hard is it to take care of granite or marble counter tops? Truth is, most of our customers find it easier than they think. Below are a few basic tips to help make it easier for you.  read more

What a great idea! Attention to the designer in you. Rock Bottom Tile and Stone, LLC would like to introduce you to a terrific design concept that can complete your natural stone floor. No longer do you have to have unsightly floor vents that distract from the design aesthetic of sensational stone flooring. There is nothing beautiful about an old metal vent and now you have an option to blend that vent seamlessly with your stone flooring. You can do this with any type of natural stone tile including travertine, marble, limestone, slate, and granite.

  read more

Granite is beautiful to look at and practical to use, durable, and well-suited for interior and exterior applications alike. Its durability, practicality, and the variety of gorgeous aesthetic options make it a staple in the world of natural stone products and building materials.   read more

What’s Your Color? Color is an essential design element for kitchen areas and bathrooms because it plays a huge role in affecting our mood.  read more

Counter tops are among the most used products inside your kitchen.  Regardless of if you are planning supper, storing home appliances, or simply taking pleasure in that first mug of coffee each morning, kitchen counter tops serve multiple purposes. Apart from its many uses, kitchen counter tops are an essential aesthetic component of your kitchen.   read more

Some current trends that are popular within the bathroom renovation industry, such as the growth of bathrooms, using furniture, and incorporating design styles.   read more

Are you in the hunt for just the right look and style, something that is trendy but won’t show its age? So where do you go to find that fashionable flare that will not fade with the change of seasons? At Rock Bottom Tile and Stone, LLC it is our objective to always keep incorporating fresh new ideas and products so that you, our clients, can select that unique design element for your projects and add genuine, natural warmth as well as dramatic textures and colors to your homes.  read more

Ledger Stone – an excellent natural stone solution to add beauty, style and value to your home. Rock Bottom Tile and Stone, LLC is now offering premium Ledger Stone materials nationwide. The ability to distribute these products is made possible due to extensive factory/quarry relationships and nationwide logistical capability. This exciting new line adds an exceptional attribute to the complement of products already available in their array. Owner David Cohen states, “We make it our mission to offer the most appealing products possible to add beauty and value to our clients’ projects.” Rock Bottom Tile and Stone has made shopping for stone as easy as clicking a mouse. Its quest has been to provide the most elite customer service, popular selection of a large variety of aggressively priced, premium grade natural stone products, as well as an evolving product line to keep up with current design trends and new offerings in the industry. After several years spent honing its business model it has now emerged as a proficient internet portal and a leader in the field of natural stone supply in many ways.  read more

As temperatures rise progressively higher in the coming months, there's a distinct possibility homeowners will be getting their properties prepared for an exciting spring and summer season. Amongst many spring cleaning and landscaping projects, one might choose to take into consideration taking a second look at backyard pools and patio areas.  read more

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